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Login Xtra returns with a new season

NTV Uganda weekly entertainment show ‘Login Xtra’ is back with a new season this week after COVID-19 global pandemic. 

The new season will premiere on Wednesday evening at 8:05pm. The show is produced by Production Progress Africa run by Tinah Teise who also presents the show.

Login Xtra presenter: Tinah Teise aka Kabale Juice
“A brand New Season of NTV-Login Xtra is coming on your screens. Starts Wednesday, 3rd June at 8.05pm. Keep it NTV Uganda to know what all your celebrities are up to indoors during the lockdown. As always, it’s TINAH TEISE yo host”.
Meanwhile Tinah Teise has said one day she tell her the public why she is excited about life.
“One day i will tell you why i am this excited about life regardless of what is going on around me. That day is not very far. Stay with me, ok?,” Tinah Teise said.


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