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Live Once-Airport Taxi

These are possibly one of the best things out of Talent Africa. They are pure talent. Comprising of three very talented Homo sapiens namely; Martha Smalls, Llyboc and TuckerHD, this is a hip hop group that has two main rappers (Tucker and Llyboc) and a main female vocalist (Martha). Live once is a jam off their upcoming “Liftoff” album, produced by Aethan and Samurae.

The song is basically about having fun with no beef or hate. It’s definitely one of those songs one can listen to before a night out to get them in a groovy mood. Martha does the chorus and hook (as usual) very melodiously.

I must admit that she is a very vocally gifted young lady. She is so talented; many big names in the industry use her vocals in their hit jams. She hits adds the “r” to ‘groovy’ in this particular one. Now the boys are also another story of their own.

Many people like to compare their “MC” ability but I believe they both know how to do their thing. Llyboc has a nice flow with very funny Ugandan and international comparisons, while Tucker goes in hard with almost equally or funnier comparison to normal life situations. The three of them do great on this one (as in all their other ones anyway).

A plethora of music groups have been formulated in the music business. Most have been epic fails while others try and dissolve into solo acts. The fate of this particular one still remains for the future to decide.

We pray and hope they will continue as a trio and win the battle over the usual fate. Follow Airport Taxi on Twitter @AirporTaxi and on Facebook as Airport Taxi and get links to all their projects from there. Make sure you do not forget the drills; Listen, Love, Download and Share.

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