Lisa Mandy’s Sizzling Poses At The Waterside

Lisa Mandy’s Sizzling Poses At The Waterside

Through the last couple of years while we have been featuring the upcoming models, I have been getting so many letters from many of you telling me the real prize to ogle was Lisa Mandy.IMG_5507

My response was always the same. Beautiful girl, but she simply did not show off nearly as much as Priscilla Ray who has been constant exhibitionist on social media.

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She posted the pictures on her instagram and had the following words accompanying them;

“This martini gonna get me in trouble don’t even know where am going ma ass looks thick as f**ck but that’s what winter does to me?????? Trying to get rid of it.11222181_10153368928464566_1843199920560001628_n

Wanna swim with these bitches but they ain’t coming close and the water is cold, summer in Finland always. Enjoy.




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