Lisa Mandy unleashes stunning hidden pregnancy pictures after giving birth

Lisa Mandy unleashes stunning hidden pregnancy pictures after giving birth

Former Ugandan super model based in Helsinki, Finland has unleashed her stunning pregnancy pictures for all to see days after giving birth to a bouncing baby boy. The ex model successful kept her pregnancy a secret and even warned a few of her friends who knew not to dare post about on social media before she gives birth.

The pictures we have seen look every inch hot as she touched to feel her baby bump. Forget her usual hot bikini pictures strolling on the beaches, she looked too stunning during pregnancy.

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Earl this month, the model gave birth to a baby boy but she is yet to reveal the father of her baby.

We thought she was still on the beaches enjoying her summer holiday, yet she was barking a hot seed inside. No wonder were not seeing more of her latest bikini social media bombshell.

“Now that my BFF Lisa Lee Mandy has given birth to a bouncing baby boy, l can share her pregnancy pictures. I love that we kept it a secret until birth. Happiness is killing meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Congratulations my love. You looked good with that tummy. I can’t wait to meet my nephew. You will be a great mother my love?? ?? ??. I can’t imagine the joy you are feeling right now. Like I can’tttttt… May God keep you and baby healthy? I love you both. Cheiiiiiiiiiii I’m so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,” Chantal Ruby Batamuliza Uwimbabazi posted. Again congratulations our dear Lee!!

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