Limit X’s Dr. Dennis Sempebwa Launches 17th Book – ‘Black Like Me?’

Limit X’s Dr. Dennis Sempebwa Launches 17th Book – ‘Black Like Me?’

Dr. Dennis Sempebwa – one of the members of the gospel rap group, Limit X, as well as a leadership trainer, author, educator, pastor and thought leader – officially launched his 17th and latest book titled ‘Black Like Me?’ on Thursday 17th August at MoTIV.

The launch was an elegant affair that was attended by the cream of Uganda’s public and private sectors.
The book is an account of Dr. Sempebwa’s life – chronicling his journey from childhood in an abusive household, not having enough as a family and living in Uganda during the regime of Idi Amin.

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While speaking about his motivation to win in life and for writing the book, he said his turning point came when he looked in the mirror and a realisation hit him. “The Sempebwas don’t do great things. They don’t live long.”

He then made the drastic decision to change his story and his future, form an internationally renown band (Limit X), move to the UK, then the United States, attain an education, start a family and embark on a journey of becoming an author, minister, coach, public speaker and much more.

It is from his life’s journey that he shares insights to inspire younger generations to strive for more and refuse to be defined by their circumstances, background, tribe, race and so on and develop the key qualities that can catapult them to greatness.

During the launch, the Chief Guest – Dorothy Kisaka, the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Executive Director – shared her long friendship with Dr. Sempebwa and how the two were part of a singing group called ‘The Mustard Seed’ when they were younger.

The launch also featured an insightful panel discussion with Tony Otoa – Stanbic Business Incubator’s Chief Executive, Ambassador Damali – Chief Programmes and Projects Officer at the Private Sector Foundation of Uganda (PSFU), Ben Mwine – General Manager of Next Productions Limited and Dorothy Kisaka.
‘Black Like Me?’ is available at Aristoc Booklex, Mahiri Books and Amazon.

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