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Lidtech launches Takula Cash Lottery Campaign

Lidtech Uganda yesterday 11th December 2017 launched its new brand at the Constitutional square starting 7am-11am with the guest of honour being Chairman of Lotteries and Regulatory Board Manzi Tumubwiine.

Takula Cash is a fun Scratch-and-win-instantly game, with 5 Billion in Prizes.

Chairman board of Lidtech Uganda, Van-der –spuy address journalists during launch of Takula Cash Lottery

Regulated by the Uganda National Lottery

Aaron Kasozi, the general manager Lidtech Uganda, reassures Ugandans that this particular lottery game is like no other. Not only does it offer high prizes, easily accessible by buying and scratching a card at your nearest airtime vendor and shops, but it has adhered to all the requirements from the Lottery Regulatory Commission.

Aaron Kasozi, GM Lidtech Uganda addresses media during the Takula Cash launch

It has also undertaken stringent and meticulous methods to make sure that respective winners receive their winnings as soon as possible and that the process is uncorrupted and seamless.

Low tier Prizes, below 4 Million Ugandan Shillings, are instantly redeemable by Mobile Money.

High tier prizes, over 4 Million, will be paid by Lidtech Uganda.

The top prizes winners will be communicated in our Facebook page and in the Media.

Manzi Tumubwoine holding microphone speaking during the Launch of Takula cash on his immediate left is the chairman board of Lidtech Uganda, Van-der –spuy and Edgar Agaba looking on

“Our mission is not only to maximize revenue but also to operate with the highest standards of integrity and public trust; We are committed to meeting our Social Responsibility, so Minors are strictly not allowed to play, and we will also indentify and fund reputable Charities whose activities have a positive impact on the community” Kasozi elaborated.

How to play

The object of the Instant Lottery Game is for a Player to scratch the game area and match 3 symbols.

The games to be played are Treasure (win up to 5 Million), Matatu (win up to 10 Million) and Soccer (win up to 20 Million).

How to validate your ticket

Upon reaching any of the retailers, every Takula Cash player will need to fill in personal details, namely name, contact and signature and it is the responsibility of the player to ascertain that the Instant Lottery Ticket hasn’t been defaced or already scratched.

Participants taking part in Scratch and win and being guided by attendants

After the completion of the name, cellphone number and signature section of the Instant Lottery Ticket, the person whose personal details appear on the Instant Lottery Ticket shall be the sole owner of that Instant Lottery Ticket.

“And because the lottery gaming business has been smeared with a rather negative and discouraging perception, often times, affiliated with fleecing of unsuspecting participants”- Kasozi had this to say.

Where to play / in partnership with Telcos

For ease of accessibility of the Takula Cash cards, Kasozi stated that availability is in the major towns, including Kampala.

“Scratch cards for the Takula Cash can be attained from multiple shops and MTN airtime vendors all over the country.  We are expanding our network to reach even more retail outlets so players have access to the game”.

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