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Leila Kayondo barely covered sultry teaser picture

Leila Kayondo is truly hot and according to my central nervous system after viewing this teaser picture of her photoshoot, the Manifesto singer has never looked this hot than before.

Don’t get me wrong. Leila Kayondo has always been sultry and alluring and owner of one fine badonkadonk that could get many a man in deep deep doo-doo. Wait, that sounds wrong. In deep deep trouble. But this latest oiled down hot pose seems like she’s ready to enter a whole new league.

Leila was teasing this picture on Instagram. You can’t stop it. You can only hope to save the picture before it is burned in the hell-fires. Leila, I can not wait to see the full work product from this mind blowing looking bit of camera regularly on social media. I shall count the seconds. Also, hold my breath. If you could please speed things along. Enjoy.

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