Leading Capital markets ‘Player’ inks inclusive policy to deter discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and violence at the work place

Many companies and organizations are moving towards serving stakeholders, not just shareholders. Those with best practice provide: good value to customers, support workers with training, act inclusively in matters of gender and race, deal fairly and ethically with suppliers, support the communities in which they work and protect the environment.

We are pleased to be a company that promotes a harmonious work environment and safety of all individuals based on mutual trust. We believe that discrimination or harassment of any kind cannot be tolerated either inside or outside the workplace. This has been self-evident over the past 15 years and a requirement for more than 150 current and former interns, staff, management, and Board of Crested Capital.
In October, 2019 Crested Capital formalized these beliefs by signing a policy on equality and prevention of sexual harassment and violence approved and signed by all employees and Board members. Through this policy Crested Capital pledges to ensure that members of staff are entitled to fair treatment irrespective of their race, religious status, gender, national origin, marital status, disability or other form of classification stated in the applicable laws in Uganda. We took a further step and recognized that candidates participating in the interview process prior to joining the company would also be covered by such policy.
According to the Chair of the Board, Crested Capital Dr. Thelma Awori, “Crested has ensured that this Policy of zero tolerance for sexual harassment is backed up by training in voice, which involves making a safe environment for all staff to speak about and report any practices that involve sexual harassment.”

Ms. Naggayi Joanita a member of Crested’s customer care team, added her voice, “I believe Crested is making big strides in the right direction. Sexual harassment and violence are issues of great concern that should be addressed by all companies,”
Mr. Robert H. Baldwin the CEO of Crested Capital, “we practice equality and respect among our fellow workers regardless of gender or cultural differences.” Mr. Baldwin challenged the Boards of all capital market participants including the Capital Markets Authority itself, the Uganda Securities Exchange, and CMA Licensees to consider adopting similar anti-discrimination and harassment policies for the benefit of the industry’s stakeholders.

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