Lato Milk in mega promotion

Lato Milk in mega promotion

Lato Milk has entered into a mega promotion to give back to its customers. If you buy Lato instant Milk powder, you get 112gm Weetabix worth 3000 UGX free. The promotion is aimed at rewarding the milk’s customers as a way of innovating and encouraging them to buy more.


“Buy 400 gm Lato Instant Milk Powder and Get 112 gm Weetabix worth 3,000 UGX absolutely free,” Lato Milk posted on their wall.

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Meanwhile Lato is introducing new milk soon called Maziwa Safi. “Coming Soon Lato farm fresh pure cow milk! Amazing Taste 90 Day No Refrigeration Maziwa Safi Lato Freshness Pure As You”, Lato posted.

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