Kyabazinga Roots for Tertiary Education

Kyabazinga Roots for Tertiary Education

As Uganda continues to embrace tertiary education, Busoga is on the right path.

His Majesty William Gabula Nadiope,IV, Isebantu Kyabazinga of Busoga has rooted for tertiary education.

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Presiding over the 3rd graduation ceremony and 20th anniversary of International Institute of Health Sciences at Mailo Mbili in Jinja on Friday, the Kyabazinga emphasized the need to offer hands on skills.

“Given our current academic situation, we must diversify as the people of not only Busoga but Uganda as a whole.This is therefore, to appeal to all of you to lay emphasis on practical learning as it helps learners to acquire hands on skills”, the King noted before commending management for establishing such a magnificent institution that has employed many people,churned out several nurses and midwives among others.The King has since committed the Kingdom to work with the institution as partners in development. The King also assured the people of his theme for the Kingdom as being Healthier Busoga for Healthier families.

On his part, Prof. Kezala, founder of the institute revealed that they are determined to graduate well prepared medics who treasure professionalism.

“We cherish professionalism as an institution.All our graduands are well equipped with practical skills and they are good ambassadors so far wherever they are”, he disclosed before noting that their plan is to turn the institute into a Medical University in the near future.

The Kingdom’s Premier noted that the ratio of nurses to patients is still high which creates the need for more people to qualify in nursing and midwifery.

Over 543 graduands were awarded diplomas and certificates in nursing and midwifery at the institute which was started in 1999.

Several dignitaries including royal chiefs, Kingdom ministers,Jinja RDC, Board of Directors etc.

A number of people were recognized for their exemplary performance and service.


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