Know more about Totems at Uganda International Cultural Tourism Fair

Know more about Totems at Uganda International Cultural Tourism Fair

With just less than two weeks to the annual Uganda International Cultural Tourism Cultural Fair, we have landed onto Totems of Uganda (Buganda Edition).

Totems of Uganda-Buganda edition is a book about the significant role totems play in the conservation of nature.

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It depicts all totemic species in full colour and captures the stories of how they came into existence.

This is the only book which reveals traditional methods people in Uganda use to conserve nature.

The desire for man to connect to the wild animal kingdom is an ancient obsession but no one i have read or heard knows how this primordial global practice started. But as human communities developed, there was need for identity starting with kingdoms and later on individuals.

In Uganda, the first written leader to decree that all his subjects must acquire totems is Kato Kintu aka Kundu. He noticed that totemic groups were hunting selectively so he made it compulsory for all his new subjects who did not have totems to adopt at least two per person to fight the indiscriminate hunting that was growing rampant particularly during the 12th  century exodus.!

Come to Uganda Museum from 28th to 30th July 2017 look out for the meaning of your name and your totem in the book of Totems!

Get a full colour framed photo of your totem at an affordable price!

Our culture is our identity!!!

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