Kleith offers to pay for Fresh Kid’s dad Dubai visa


Former NTV presenter who currently works in Dubai, Kleith Kyatuhaire, has offered to pay for Fresh Kid’s father visa fee to enable him travel with his son to Dubai.
There is confusion and stand off between Fresh Kid, his dad and manager over Dubai trip.
The talented younger rapper is due to perform in Dubai on 7th July and Abu Dhabi on 8th July.
Dubai based Kleith Kyatuhaire is willing to pay for the kid rapper’s dad visa and she has asked those on her side to contribute for the ticket.
“Fresh Kid: The manager has done a tremendous job with the boy, Uganda and the world at large is yet to discover his great talent. He has changed his life in a short span and can do the same for his family. So my suggestion is.
Let the father come along with the manager, i will pay for the visa, the rest of you on my side contribute for the ticket.
They can all share one room and learn how to work together, Patrick Ssenyonjo is still young, and there is nothing better than working alongside your parent. What do you think?,” Kleith posted on her wall.


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