Kleith Kyatuhaire honored to be part of Get Quick International LLC, applauds their work

Kleith Kyatuhaire honored to be part of Get Quick International LLC, applauds their work

Former television star Kleith Kyatuhaire scooped a juicy job in the corporate world with Get Quick International LLC and talking to this website, she said the benefits of working with an international company are super. We contacted her for a quickie about the job and this is what she had to say:

SB: You recently acquired a new job with Get Quick International LLC, tell us more about?

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Kleith Kyatuhaire: Get Quick International LLC is a United Arab Emirates (UAE) based company but it also has offices in Uganda; at Ntinda Shopping Centre and Equatorial Shopping Mall. We also have an office in Nairobi and Kigali. These are majorly drop off points for the items we ship over there, and also for some clients to come and make payments and bookings.

Get Quick International LLC is a 2 in 1 company that does both shopping and shipping from Dubai to all African countries. They use both both air and sea means of transport.

Then the second component of the company is holidays. We organise personalised trips to any destination around the world, book hotels, get visas, book flights and organise holiday activities for our clients for both small and large groups.

SB: How does it feel for you to work in such company?

Kleith Kyatuhaire: It’s a blessing to work with Get Quick international, as the company also deals in Real Estate where I get a chance to learn on identifying the right investment opportunities for our clients. This has taught me that such investment like apartments is a faster and secure way to make money aboard.

SB: What are the benefits of work with such a company?

Kleith Kyatuhaire: The benefits are multiple; First of all I have now become international. Being away from home and coming back as a visitor every once or twice a month is a benefit.

I love to travel especially when my tickets are fully paid and i have learnt to deal and work with clients of all ages as Get Quick Arabian tours also under Get Quick international enables me to meet all clients across the World.

Dubai is a world destination tourist country and living here means I tour every day, I visit the greatest of Dubai at a free cost.

I’m now confident to say I know much about tourism, logistics and Real Estate through Get Quick international LLC. The benefits are so many but these are very significant.

SB: How does someone contact if they want their services?

Kleith Kyatuhaire: Get Quick International LLC has leaflets which include Get Quick Arabian Tours, Get Quick From Dubai and Get Quick World Safaris. Get Quick from Dubai is a United Arab Emirates fully registered company with office at Al Farhad Plaza  Al Rigga and in Sharjah media City and also in Uganda at Equatorial mall, our contact numbers are also always available 24/7  +971552515159 / +971526651597.

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