KIU basks ‘olympics’ glory

KIU basks ‘olympics’ glory

Kampala International University (KIU), winners of the inaugural Black Bell Beer Olympics, on Sunday December 10, 2017 finally got to savor their victory.

The Kansanga based team humbled other universities during the games in October and November 2017 to emerge victors. As a result of their exploits, the team were rewarded a cash prize of UGX1million and also promised a mega party fully sponsored by Black Bell at a venue of their choice.

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The team opted for the KIU Parking Lot and that’s where the plot was on Sunday. By 6:30pm, the venue, including the nearby basketball court had been filled by students in jovial mood.

In true ‘Olympic Solidarity’, the KIU team had extended a free invite to students from other universities as well as the general public. It wasn’t surprising therefore that the venue was a beehive of activity hours before the event kicked off.

Entertainment was provided by a host of DJs and upcoming artistes, some of whom were students. Later on at around 9pm, the tempo was upped with the introduction of the silky voiced Bruno K. His Nkooye Okulowooza hit sent ladies into a frenzy as they tried to outcompete each in singing along to the chorus.

The song which got warmest reception was Bruno K’s award winning single ‘One for the road,’ a song which praises the prowess of beer. In this case, we are not very sure whether the students were excited because the song spoke to them or because the melody was groovy. All we know is that it really ‘touched’ them.

As soon as he exited the stage, in came Vamposs (Vampino). As expected, the area next to the stage is where everyone wanted to be. Vampino’s energy is captivating and he seems to pass it on to whoever comes closer to me. At least that’s what we observed. He kicked off his performance with hits from back in the day; ‘I love you,’ a duet he did with Radio and Weasel, quickly following it up with Kwekunyakunya, another hit from his earlier days. He then upped the ante with Linda then A wah do dem before wrapping up his performance with Smart Wire.

He had to redo Smart Wire a number of times because the crowd kept on asking for it. As they danced, the students consumed all the Black Bell beer that had been brought to the venue. Perhaps they were rewarding themselves for successfully concluding their exams. Another stock had to be brought in to quench their thirst.

Paul Rwandekeye, the Innovations Manager at Uganda Breweries Limited said that the victory party at KIU would be followed by an end of semester party at The Hive in Mukono and then conclude with another at ‘Your’ Hostel in Nkozi on December 15, 2017.

He also disclosed that during these parties, new games and activities will be unveiled so as to give consumers an idea of what they should expect in the next edition of the Black Bell Olympics tournament.

The games that were played during the just concluded Black Bell Beer Olympics included Beer Checkers, Beer pong and take the shot. The most exciting thing about the Beer Olympics is that participants played by their own rules.

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