King Charles Lambert joins thousands of Ugandans to wish Museveni a 79th birthday

King Charles Lambert joins thousands of Ugandans to wish Museveni a 79th birthday

The author of the blueprint of the Africa Rebirth/Renaissance and the founder of the Black Wall Street (BWS) King Charles Lambert has joined thousands of Ugandans to wish Uganda’s great leader, President Yoweri Museveni a happy 79th birthday.

H.E Museveni was born on this day (15 September) in 1944.
King Charles Lambert took to social media to celebrate Museveni as a great leader and wish him ‘longer years and guaranteed health.’

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King Lambert has been a big fan and supporter of Museveni whom he has always described as one of the greatest Pan Africanist.

The president’s birthday celebration were held at Kololo ceremonial Grounds in Kampala last Friday. The celebrations came a week earlier with the president’s busy schedule in consideration.

Over 100, 000 guests coming from different parts of the country joined the big party.
The birthday party was organised by the Office of the National Chairman of the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

King Charles wrote: “Africans all over the world has never seen such a true patriot with heart for his people, his kind, and his homeland. Happy birthday and many more returns to the great M7 (Museveni) on his actual birthday. Great health and longer years guaranteed. ????????????.”

King Charles has been in a journey to make Africa great again through the Economic War for Economic Independence.”
King Charles told this website: “Most times when people join us and say Economic War for Economic Independence, I am not certain they truly understand what that means. ????????????????.”
The Economic War is simply the *battles for the *replacement* of Capitalism, the current Economic System brought here by Europeans duting colonization with Compassionate Capitalism Economic System in Africa and then the world.
How do you achieve that?
This is through the use of empathy driven innovative programs that bring Economic benefits to millions of people in a way Capitalism has never been able to do.

He added: “We already have these empathy driven innovative products, we are now on the path of bringing it by recruiting and managing the 140,000 Digital Marketers to cover the entire 14,000 Job Centers exposing the transformative ideas inspired by the God of Abraham to every nook and crane of Africa.

Africa First ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????KCNL.”

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