Kids’ Green Xmas Party to rock Ugandan kids again

President M7 expected to grace the do

Kids’ Green Xmas party is set to rock Ugandan kids especially those with in Kampala. The Little Hands Go Green and My Kid is a Superstar organised event is set to see President Yoweri Museveni grace the function once again and entertain the youngsters by cutting cake with them and sing merry Christmas to the nation.

The annual Green Christmas party for this year is slated for Sunday 13th Dec, 2015 at Kololo Airstrip, 9am till 6pm.

Joseph Masembe welcoming President Yoweri Museveni at his one of the 'My Kid Is A Super Star' functions he organises at Kololo

Joseph Masembe welcoming President Yoweri Museveni at a previous function at Kololo Airstrip

The Christmas party is part of the long term Little Hands Go Green agenda to use fun filled activities to educate children about the need to plant trees as a way of protecting and conserving the environment.

At this year’s event, Little Hands Go Green Joseph Masembe told Showbiz Uganda that every child who will attend the event will go home with a free fruit tree seeding which they can plant at home to bear them fruits and protect the environment.

“These trees will help to remind these youngsters about the role they have to play in climate change and inspire them to play a part in protecting the green fading earth,” Masembe said.

Green Xmas party poster

Green Xmas party poster

“We have been doing this for some years and it is working. When children are taught to protect the environment at a tender age, it enables them to grow up with the habit.” he added. “This task of teaching these toddlers this noble cause through entertainment and fun draws their attention to the subject matter.

We have seen children owning these seedlings, pampering them and ensuring that the plants grow and bear fruits,” Masembe added. To entertain these kids, Radio and Weasel, Sheebah, Sitya Loss Kids have confirmed to be part of the cause.

Masembe said more entertainers are coming on board as they are approached. The Green Christmas party is Little Hands Go Green’s continuation of celebrating Uganda’s greening efforts. Entrance to the venue is 10k for every kid and free for Adults.

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