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KFM’s Doreen Nasasira clears air regarding pregnancy, marriage and her new ride

K Zone on 93.3 KFM presenter Doreen Nasasira is a head turner in the city. She is one of the most thought after radio presenters. Here is why??

First things first, you recently broke the internet when it was revealed you finally got pregnant, how old is the pregnancy now?

Doreen; Why would you say finally? Did I make any announcement that I am going to get pregnant. Media started this whole conversation, so they are the ones to tell you how old the pregnancy is. They just messed me up.

Are you ready for motherhood with the kind of lifestyle you live?

Doreen; What do you mean? I live a very normal lifestyle. I find this normal to me. Let me tell you, many women prepare their bodies for different things, not only motherhood. It stretches from being ready from being a responsible mother and being a pillar for your children. I will become a mother when I am ready and when that time comes, I will be able to balance work and family.


If it is true you’re not pregnant, where did this rumor start from, there is no smoke without fire?

Doreen; Actually this is why I accepted this interview, Red Pepper ignited the fire and everything went blaze. I do some of my programs online. So whenever I go live, my fans throw all many questions. So I think it is time you guys tell me who gave you the ‘lugambo’. I know nothing about this pregnancy thing.

With no doubt, you are sexy and beautiful, how do you handle men that hit on you on a daily basis?

 Doreen; Well, first of all people tell me I am beautiful, so thank you for the compliment. I am a flower and I need to attract bees. They don’t hit on me on a daily basis but maybe they do secretly. I Have managed to friend zone the most guys that hit on me. But well, men’s nature are hunters and nothing to do about it.

Every day you post saucy pictures online, is it another way of attracting men to you?

Doreen; Let me tell you something, everything I post on my social media, I post it for me not for anyone. I love my body so much so I don’t post to please anyone. If my pictures do bad to many, it is their business. I don’t bow down to pleasure. It is my page. Life is the short reason I do what makes me happy. On attracting men, just know men can be attracted by anything, not even good dresses.

Why do you love to dress Skimpy?

 Doreen; I have always put on things that are above my knees. People who know me understand that I love skimpy. If it makes people uncomfortable let them deal with it. My dresses have to be tight, with a long slit. That is me.

Let’s talk about marriage, it was reported you are preparing a mega wedding soon, is it true?

Doreen; That is another rumor I came here to address. Again, the media started the whole rumor. If I was going to be wedded, why would I hide it. I would be proud of my man. I don’t know anything about weddings and all.

If not true, do you have any plans of settling with one man and making a family?

Doreen; Hahaha. Your questions man!!!! First answer me, how many men do I have? My goodness! I am not a promiscuous girl. I am a one man’s girl. I am so old school and I am not a player. If it is one man it is one man period.

How about the man that gifted you with a monster car? How did you meet?

Doreen; I have always bought cars for myself. No man has ever bought me a car. My first car was a Honda using my own money. Yes I have a benz but it is my car and through my money. Well the man behind all is Doreen Nasasira.

Can you stand a man who can’t satisfy you in bed but has a lot of money?


Doreen; I can’t and I won’t give you reasons why. But I can’t.

What turns you off about men?

Doreen; A lot but well this is what stands out. One is that men are ‘dirty’. They don’t bath and it turns me on. Secondly lies. Yes I know men are supposed to lie but there are those that over-do it.

Recently you have turned into a Senga sort of on Radio, but you have failed to settle down with one man, talk about this?

 Doreen; Really!!! Who told you I have failed to settle down. At what age should a woman settle down? Get your facts right. The truth is I am seeing someone.

Clearly, you are young, sexy and rich, do you feel you have arrived now?


Doreen; Right now I should say my journey is just beginning. I can say the sky is not my limit but the Universe is my limit.


What is your plan in the next five years?

Doreen; This is a cliché question. I don’t know my plans only God knows. My life is out there in the public so I can’t predict my life now. I live each day that comes and place all my plans to God.

Also of recent, you scooped an ambassadorial role with Credible Estate Managers, how did it change your life since it comes with a huge bank cheque?

 Doreen; Well, this changed my life in many ways. Most companies now believe in me. I already have big gigs coming through. So it has honestly done me good. I got more businesses.

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