Key speakers give democratic and socioeconomic transformation solutions to boost growth

Key speakers give democratic and socioeconomic transformation solutions to boost growth

Three key speakers joined voices at Hotel Triangle Kampala today to discuss democracy and socioeconomic transformation in Africa particularly in Uganda under the theme ‘Linking socioeconomic transformation to stages of democracies’.

Professor Augustus Nuwagaba, the experienced teacher and international economist was joined by Mercy Kainebwisho, Director Intellectual property at Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) and Ibrahim Kitaata, Secretary General National Youth Council discussed different issues that can help solve long standing problems in Uganda and Africa.

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Professor Nuwagaba said there should be complete service delivery which will instill hard work and patriotism among the people. The professor also said there is need for African countries to practice democracy which can transform the economy rather than continuing with current trend of democracy.

Nuwagaba also added that the only way a country can develop is for people to love the nation and work hard in everything they do.  “As Ugandans we don’t love our nation that much and we still lack ‘work hard’ factor in us,” Nuwagaba said.

He described some African countries’ democracy as still not up there and that with the poverty in Africa, there can never be full democracy. “We need to fight off this poverty disease completely and then from there we can be able to talk about democracy,” Nuwagaba said.

In her presentation, Mercy Kainobwisho said Ugandan laws are indigenous enough to end the country’s problems. She also that there is a need to empower youths as a core factor to create sustainable development.

“Our laws aren’t isolating, everybody is equal before the law and democracy can’t survive where there is no rule of law,” she said.

She added, “It is dangerous to stay in a country where leaders and institutions are no longer trusted. We need to trust our leaders and institutions. There is need for people to renew their trust in leaders and institutions”

Mercy, a lawyer by profession said it is not the laws failing economy but the people. “As people we need to rethink and stop failing everything that comes up especially government programs,” she said.

Ibrahim Kitaata, in his presentation said there is need to have youth involved in more economic activities than sitting in urban areas looking for white-collar jobs are not available.

“The youth must create and innovate and explore every opportunity available for them. This will reduce unemployment rates to a less percent and will create more jobs for the young generation,” Kitaata said.

The event was moderated by Charlotte Kemigyisha at Hotel Triangle Kampala on Buganda Road. This is an independent initiative aimed at creating solutions to Africa’s long standing problems. The organisers are looking at having monthly discussions. You can join the conservation online through #UgCA17

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