Key For Business: Odrek Rwabwogo’s session on Communication

Key For Business: Odrek Rwabwogo’s session on Communication

Communication skills both at a personal and business level are fundamental to success in any endeavor. Nothing we can sell, no feedback we can expect, no repeatable action will bring the desired change to rely on can we adopt or adapt ourselves to, unless we open up the clogged up pipe called listening.

This session will discuss some tools to enhance our listening skills and how to improve personal and business performance. The session will cover key sales and marketing principles, important tactics in business negotiation and key tools to close sales calls, help get new markets and how to react to new forms of competition in the digital age.

Unlimited Internet - Uganda

The key expectation for this month is to improve our communication (writing, speaking and technology knowledge) skills and get as closer as possible to the needs of our customers, especially new ones that are demanding different approaches and styles of care and we are unresponsive or simply don’t know how to relate with them. We also hope to uncover some of the etiquette traits and organizational character was that hold down our business processes and proffer some solutions.

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