Kenyan artist hospitalized, collapsed in studio on Sunday

Kenyan artist hospitalized, collapsed in studio on Sunday

A few days after releasing an extremely blazing music video ‘International Local’ that went ahead to receive very rave reviews on both local and international media, vibrant Kisumu lyricist and most sort after award winning rapper from the lakeside region Gabiro Mtu Necessary got admitted to the hospital after collapsing in the middle of a recording session.

Considering the increase in number of young people who are always having various unknown diseases and complications that they themselves never find time to know about, it is believed the singer is going through higher amounts of cortisol which is caused by mild stress and sometimes lack of sleep which in the end would cause fatigue that results from overwork, poor sleep, worry, boredom, or lack of exercise.

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It is a symptom that may be caused by illness, medicine, or medical treatment such as chemotherapy. Anxiety or depression can also cause fatigue hence making minimal circulation of air and blood in the body system.

Gabiro is steadily building a reputation for Kisumu’s best lyricist, and but also shares his personal struggles through his art. From working as a matatu tout to battling drug abuse, Gabiro’s ability to tell stories separates him from rap music ‘status quo’.

“We have been working on ensuring we release at least a new project after every new month this year and that would have been one of the reasons why young champ was fatigued,” says his team leader.

He continues, “I am always on the run and sometimes feel burdened by everything on my back but its work and we are all looking for a better tomorrow. I never knew he would have any personal problems coz he never opens up about everything more so when it comes to his personal stuff.”

Doctors say he is still going to be at the hospital for some time as they monitor him even though his condition is stable and he can now talk and have visitors.

Maybe the rapper is undergoing some sort of depression which might be evident from the fact that he posted on his social media on Sunday and I quote “CLOSED, UNDER SPIRITUAL MAINTENANCE” and this was shortly after he got rushed to the hospital and it was only on Wednesday when he started posting again on Instagram and Twitter but his phone and WhatsApp has since remained inactive since Sunday 3:12PM making our attempts of reaching him futile.

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