Keddi Foundation CEO Keddi Steven gives insights on how to become rich

Keddi Foundation CEO Keddi Steven gives insights on how to become rich

During his weekly Live Facebook and YouTube address, CEO Keddi Foundation Hon. Steven Keddi Zuluba gave insights on how to become rich.

Hon. Keddi Steven said getting rich is very easy. It depends on how you set your mind to it. Don’t despise your job; always set some money aside and invest it.

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He thanked President Yoweri Museveni for giving us an environment to make money and survive. In Uganda, it’s everyone’s right to become rich.

Keddi Foundation CEO went on to say that humble beginnings define your destination. Even God tastes you during humble times to see how you will manage. Today, young people want to get rich quickly that’s why they start betting.

“Three things can make you rich. One is saving, two is focus and three is using resources you have. Do you know that with sh50,000, you can buy a charcoal stove, a frying pan, charcoal, Irish potatoes and a few other items, go to the roadside and start frying chips. People will come and buy and you will have enough capital,” he said.

He said some people have money but they don’t know how to use it. Don’t save your hard-earned money and then just go and spend it or go looking for women; you must use your money wisely.

He called on people to develop a habit of saving when you get money. Set a goal. Save at least 20% and use the balance. One of the ingredients to become rich is saving. If you don’t save, you are like someone without direction.

“Some people spend most of their money on alcohol. For such people, it is hard for them to get rich; to be rich, you must have goals and targets. Without goals in life, you can’t make it in life. Even young men; I have seen many who don’t want to work. All they want to do is go to the gym and target single corporate women. The Bible says you must work, whether a man or woman,” he said.

Hon. Steven Keddi also revealed that this March, Keddi Foundation shall have lots of activities.

“We are going to go to West Nile, Northern Uganda and Karamoja. Just last week, it was reported that many Karamajongs are dying of hunger. We said we won’t sit back, we must help,” he said.

The main mission of Keddi Foundation is to serve humanity and this will continue this month in the northern parts of the country.

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