Kaymu the online platform that connects buyers and sellers in Uganda

Business is not just about buying and selling. It also involves innovation and better networking. One such innovative business that is a perfect example of the innovation in business model is Kaymu. This online market is presently Uganda’s biggest e-commerce platform which took the market by storm two years ago to become the next frontier for linking buyers and sellers with less of a hassle.

Kaymu is an online business connecting platform

Kaymu is an online business connecting platform

Over the past two years, Kaymu has built a community of established and aspiring entrepreneurs as the sellers and a host of tech savvy buyers who scroll through Kaymu’s website picking the items they need which are then delivered to them in the shortest time possible from the comfort of their homes or offices.

It is a buyer-meet-seller online platform. Online retail or e-retail is growing across the world, pushed by highly busy consumers who have turned to using digital devices to help them shop. One of the sellers that confesses his business has grown with Kaymu Kaymu set up shop in Uganda at the time when online shopping was not just a rarity but also a direction many shoppers didn’t want to venture into because of trust issues.

The e-commerce platform has successfully introduced a professional way of transacting business where buyers connect through Kaymu to reach sellers and vice versa. Justin Christianson, the Kaymu Uganda Chief Executive, however allays fears when he says part of the reason they are growing is the safety in which they link sellers to buyers.

He says, “Initially Kaymu had a problem with shoppers who were skeptical of buying online. I am happy to say our sellers have done a tremendous job of selling the Kaymu brand and community through their swift response to shoppers’ needs”.

Christianson adds that selling on Kaymu gives merchants an opportunity to expand their market, thereby increasing their profits and lower costs. The delivery service that Kaymu uses also increases the speed at which these items reach the buyer, so the seller can reap his rewards in a shorter time. He explains “We provide the quickest and easiest link for buyers looking for products and sellers looking for markets.

For the sellers, all they have to do is go to and upload their items for sale – listing an item is free. For the buyers, it is as simple as creating an account, which is also free, and then shopping on the site until they find what they want to order – we have everything from fashion to electronics to home decor. Creating an account is easy.

It can be done using Facebook login or email. And that is it” Kaymu Uganda is presently the largest and safest community that connects buyers and sellers in an easy, friendly and hassle free mode.

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