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Kayimba ka Maama by GNL Zamba

GNL has forever been an emperor in Luga flow.  I mean this guy throws lines and you practically feel them come to life. He once described pain by a toothless baby opening a glass bottled soda top with its gum. Ouch!GNL

Not writing about this song makes me feel guilty. Everyone is humbled when mothers come into the picture. GNL brought a new face to this humility. The danceable zouk beat in this one gives him every right to be known as Caesar.

His comparison of mothers of great men to his own and the fact that he went on to research about every single one of them, makes this piece remarkable. Zamba always has an extra ingredient in all his music, which gives him a distinct class from any ordinary Luga flow rapper.

As the title goes ,Kayimba Ka Maama, (song for Mother) many would read the song title and judge it among the plethora  of Maama songs , but no , in this one , GNL redefines the English proverb, ’Don’t judge a book by its cover,’ this song is another perspective altogether. Same idea but different packaging.

Well I know you’ve listened to this one already and I hope you agree with my findings. Go buy the music, share and Enjoy!



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