Katsha De’bank:  A Young Entrepreneur with an extra ordinary career

Katsha De’bank: A Young Entrepreneur with an extra ordinary career

We look how Debank ideas of entrepreneurship ideas changed the business in Africa

Who knows that business ideas in Africa will entirely be changed by the actions and ideas of a young entrepreneur and Ugandan born.

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The impact created by Shafique Katumba famously known as Katsha Debank on the business industry of the Africa is unimaginable. His presence is like a fresh air particularly in Uganda where private sector was struggling to get along.

Debank vision of entrepreneurship coupled with his ideas of self business were adopted across the region.  It is true that the business of entrepreneurship is not an easy and it requires a lot of efforts to get into the market. However, Mr. Debank always advocated the idea of entrepreneurship due to distinct benefits of entrepreneurship. These benefits are visible from the success of Mr. Debank as well.

After graduating , Mr . Debank started number of business ventures but for him his entrepreneurship initiatives have helped him to reach where he is now. His net worth which is more than $18 million speaks a lot about his success.  He believes that entrepreneurship has lot to offer from flexibility to mastering the art of controlling your own time.

His ideas about entrepreneurship are now an open secret and he always talk about those so that youngsters may follow his footsteps. According to Mr. Debank, following benefits can be attributed to the art of entrepreneurship:

1. You are the master of your own destiny: As per Mr. Debank, Entrepreneurship gave you the control of your own destiny. it offers you the freedom so that you can pursue your own ideas and vision.
2. Time Management:  This is the beauty of entrepreneurship that you are responsible for your own time management. You can do tasks as per your lifestyle and it also helps in multitasking.
3. Broadening the vision: Mr. Debank consider this as the most important outcome of the entrepreneurship. Sometimes your organization become insecure due to the fear that you will leave them after attaining a certain level of expertises. As per him Entrepreneurship helps you achieve the new heights of expertises in your area of specialization and there is no one to stop your professional development.

Though a lot can be written and attributed to Mr. Debank when it comes to entrepreneurship but i am concluding this article on his famous saying that Entrepreneur is one who wears wears many hats and such role fulfills the sense of pride and fulfillment every entrepreneur.

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