Katikiro Mayiga Mobbed By Kabaka’s Subjects At Friends Beauty Salon In New York

The Katikiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga left Los Angeles on 22nd May for Boston, he launched “The first Biennial Buganda Bumu North America convention (BBNAC) on 23rd.Katikiro Peter Charles Mayiga with Desire Luzinda , Barber Charles Lwanga and a friend Katikiro Peter Charles Mayiga (R) with Desire Luzinda (in red top), Barber Charles Lwanga (2nd From R) and Hope Muskasa (L) of Bava studios and Kabaka Foundation

He closed it on 24th and on 25th May 2015, he toured New York. When he went for a hair cut at Friends beauty Salon on Tuesday, 19 Lexington Waltham where he got overwhelmed by Kabaka’s subjects who were in that particular salon.Peter Charles Mayiga with Barber Douglas LwangaPeter Charles Mayiga with Barber Douglas Lwanga

All insisted on photo opportunity and he accepted to take pictures with everyone in the salon. The subjects included Desire Luzinda, Douglas Lwanga (The Barber) college students, and the salon attendants among other people.
The Katikiro later left for London on Wednesday 27th May to meet Baganda who stay there.



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