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Katatumba reinstates father’s glory at Hotel Diplomaté

Hotel Diplomaté Muyenga which is known for undeniably having the very best view of Kampala city, has recently made renovations and the Hotel is looking very nice.

The newly renovated bar and lounge at the very top of the hill, is known as ‘The View’ and it simply looks ballistic. ‘The View’ is situated at the highest point of the 7 hills of Kampala viewing the entire city with ease.


When we contacted Angella Katatumba, she confirmed the developments of the Hotel Diplomaté bar and lounge known as ‘The View’ where she said she partnered with 3 young dynamic boys called Samuel, Ronny and Henos to make it Kampala’s best bar and lounge.


Angella said she has also renovated the rooms at the hotel and promises that she is determined God Willing, to restore the entire Hotel Diplomaté slowly but surely, to its former glory when her Father H.E Prof. Boney Mwebesa Katatumba was running it, at incredibly high standards in the 80’s and 90’s.

From the renovations we have seen, Angella is proving to be a business force to be reckoned with. She is definitely on the right track and is making her Father and family proud, because the place looks breathtaking. Check the video showing how the hotel looks now by clicking on the link below..


Without a doubt, ‘The View’ at Hotel Diplomaté is a great business move. It will very soon become Kampala’s hottest spot.

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