Kansiime Back Packers set to open

Kansiime Back Packers set to open

Uganda’s funniest woman, Anne Kansiime is set to open a new hangout in Kabale. Kansiime Back Packers, a posh hangout in Kabale is set to open soon, we can confirm. The comedienne told this website that she has been playing seek and hide but it was now time to unleash a place where people can go and celebrate life with her.

Kansiime is becoming a bar mogul because she boasts of another bar called Kubbys in Naalya, a fast growing Kampala Suburb which she opened a few years ago.

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“Well my ninjas i have been playing hide and seek on you because of this ‘Kansiime Back Packers’ and it’s all coming to place soon. My plan is to create a beautiful place to celebrate life with you my ninjas. Of course i wanted to share pictures only when its finally done but eh!. I have been itching too much so, here is a sneak peek. I really can’t wait for this to be ready and i play host,” Anne Kansiime posted.

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