Kampala’s biggest party at the weekend, Oktoberfest is here

Kampala’s biggest party at the weekend, Oktoberfest is here

As far as months go, October has always had little going for it. Well yes, there’s the Kampala City Festival and Independence Day but other than that, everything else seems a bit “meh”…


Well, if you still think that way, then you haven’t heard about the Oktoberfest orga. The Oktoberfest originated from Germany as a result of five day marriage celebrations in 1810.

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A repeat of the celebrations the following year birthed the renowned Oktoberfest which are of late beer celebrations. This Saturday, October 1st, the second annual Oktoberfest celebrations organized by Kampala Food Network in partnership with the Germany Embassy are going down at the Uganda Museum Gardens.


Based on what we gathered from Mukiibi Elisha Nelly, the program and client relations manager at Kampala Food Network. The Oktoberfest is Saturday’s must attend plot.

“This year’s Oktoberfest is going to be really engaging to the revelers because we have lots of activities scheduled like; the eating contest, tag of war and games like beer pong among others,” said Nelly.

“We are rewarding revelers too from our costume challenge were the best dressed gets to walk away with 500,000shs,” he added.

The best dressed couple will also be rewarded, so don’t forget to carry Bae or Boo to the event and win yourselves awesome prizes.

The fest is going to be a fusion of food, music and beer with a multicultural mash-up of fashion, games, the arts, plus live music performances by Myco Ouma, Steve Keys, Bavarian Lions Music a German rock band, a rave mix headlined by DJ Crisio among others. Everyone’s pretty much sorted.


The Oktoberfest connects Uganda and Germany in more ways than the black, yellow, red on both our flags. Yes, we are talking about our mutual love of beer and sauerkraut (sausage). It is a celebration of the friendship of the two countries.

The Oktoberfests are known for their high levels of beer consumption, like the recently concluded Munich Oktoberfest where revelers downed 7 million litres of booze in 18days.

Knowing Ugandans and our love for beer, that is a challenge.

Which I am sure we can hit in a day.

So don’t miss out on the Oktoberfest, come make your city proud.

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