Kampala Water connects with over 150, 0000 customers

Kampala Water connects with over 150, 0000 customers

Nsambya; Kampala water service area has connected with over 150,000 customers under its House 2 House customer service enhancement plans.

Commenting on the initiative, at the Kansanga branch House to House flag off, the General Manager Mahmood Lutaaya said that over 150,000 customers have been visited and the team is focusing on reaching over 280,000 customers in the Kampala Metropolitan Service Area.

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“To manage your business effectively, you must be on ground! I’m proud of the KW team and the forefront of the performance improvement through the House to House initiative.” he said

He praised branches that excelled in the
previous months i.e Ntinda, Nakawa, Kansanga, City Center, Bwaise, among others.

Pledging to the members of top management present, he shared that no branch will drop in the forthcoming performance evaluation.
“We are finding a number of things in the field. Real time resolutions to these concerns and correction of the anomalies has led to a significant improvement in our performance,” he added.

Dr. Nicholas Mwebaze shared the House 2 House progress over the months, attributing its success to staff that passionately participate in the exercise.
He called on branches which have been visited to clear all anomalies found in their respective areas.

“We are proud of our team work. From Dr. Frank’s team to the technical teams among others, all departments work as a team to resolve the anomalies we receive,” he shared.

DMD Sylvia, Dr. Rose breath life into the Kampala Water 30Billion Dream

NWSC customers DMD Sylvia Alinaitwe and Dr. Rose Kaggwa who double as members of the NWSC top management have given a nob to the House 2 House initiative underlining it as one of the best performance enhancement initiatives and a leap towards the 30B dream, that will soon be a reality.

DMD Sylvia highlighted the success stories from Dr. Nicholas Mwebaze’s presentation as great strides towards the 30Billion target.

Since inception, the billing has grown from 21B, 22B an now 23B. The team is steadily marching towards its performance horizon.

“I have witnessed all the pledges made by the branch team leaders here today. I will make frequent follow ups to this regard and commit management’s support towards the previous best performers i.e Bwaise, Ntinda, Nakawa, Kansanga and City center branches. I will have the next big breakfast with the Bwaise team, who emerged winners,”She said.

She challenged the team to stretch, achieve the 30Billion dream and further commended them for the House 2 House business enhancement innovation.

Dr. Rose Kaggwa tipped staff to make good use of the “Do it right for the first time approach” to avoid errors at work.
She also urged staff to investigate alternative sources of water, which according to her, contribute to water loss and drop in water sales.

House to 2 House, a new performance improvement programme taking NWSC to greater frontiers
“This is a better mode of work. We get to appreciate challenges in other branches, dissolve the monotony of work in our branches and get motivated for our findings.” A plumber shared.

According to field teams interviewed by our “Water TV snoops, House 2 House is the way to go in corporation’s bid to achieve water and sewerage services for all, enhance customer service, record and address customer feedback, verify accounts, increase billing, sales, fight non revenue water among other parameters.

Currently, KW has visited customers in over 19 branches with a few more to go.

According to the GM Kampala water, the team is “cooking” House 2 House reloaded which is anticipated to be bigger and better.

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