Justine Nameere Starts New TV Show

Television star Justine Nameere is back with a human interest TV show, but this time centering on Women and children. The former ‘Life Stories’ presenter’s new show named ‘Buli Mukyala (Every Woman)’ will air on Vision Group’s Bukedde TV1. Sources tell that the show starts Sunday 19th April 2015; it will air every Sunday from 4:00 to 4:30pm. 


About The Show

It’s a human interest program that mirrors women’s contribution to society, socially, economically, and politically. The show goes ahead to document things that women go through on a daily basis; the challenges that they are faced with in Life. The tough decisions that they have to make; how much they sacrifice for their children, husbands in their marriages. The struggles they go through during their career journeys; the stereotypes they are faced with; the effects of history and culture on their lives and so many other issues. 10414603_10203899213063473_4491349459811488187_n

The show will also focus on advocating for violence against women and children. The fact that you cannot separate children from women as you talk about women; children will come up a lot in the stories; documentaries and discussions. A source added that there will be a live panel program featuring Justine Nameere and 3 other people including a gentleman to discuss different topical issues to do with women. The panel has been chosen in a way that different age groups and mind sets are represented in the discussion. It’s live so people can always call in; contribute on Facebook and send smses.


“Am excited about the program because women are at the center, I have a soft spot for women and throughout my work in the media I have come to appreciate so much about ladies and how much they contribute to families; society; their children and different women are”, Justine was overheard saying.

But what’s interesting about this show is women will also get to understand different things about life from a man’s point of view, which will help ladies deal with issues that come up probably because women never see things from a man’s point of view. It’s going to be a whole big package we can’t break it down in just a quote but it’s a whole new idea and will be an amazing show we can assure Nameere’s viewers and fans. The show is produced and hosted by Justine Nameere under her production company K-Limax Media.

Meanwhile the presenter is set resume presenting Life Stories on Urban TV. Asked if she will do life stories again, she said; “Well earth has not got more powerful life stories than those involving women and children and it’s what am doing in Buli Mukyala”. Anyway I will do Life stories again on Urban TV after am done with Law School, if Jesus says yes no one can say no.

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