Justine Nameere rewards NRM party members with 100k each

Media personality and politician Justine Nameere has embarked on rewarding NRM party members.
Posting on her social media, Nameere said if you bump into her and you show her NRM Party card, she gives you UGX 100k immediately.
She continues to mobilize support for President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and NRM.
“If you move with your NRM membership card and I happen to bump into you, I give you 100,000 ug shs immediately! Ekkumi ovaawo nalyo. NRM Oyeee! Jjaja M7 forever. Omuzzukulu Ow’ebbendobendo Justine Nameere, wishes you all a happy Easter holiday ! Enjoy yourselves, Jjaja yaleeta eddembe,” Nameere posted.

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