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Just In; Jackie Chandiru finally talks! My Dutch Hubby divorced me, I still talk to my EX- Caleb Alaka, back to studio and now a very happy Woman

A Showbiz Uganda Spy who is who is in Nairobi Kenya caught up with her. Read on…

The Music industry globally has been looking forward to your comeback, putting aside the past, what inspired you to get back to the studio?

Jackie; I didn’t want to go down as someone defeated by a problem yet. I always stated I was a strong woman! Music is my passion and I hadn’t fulfilled my musical dream. Also my fans wanted to see me stand up again! Many also questioned my capability for audio and visually. I wanted  to shut that down!

Currently who is helping you write your music?

Jackie; I write my work. Because only I believe I can express innermost feelings. Though I am looking for a writer to match my imagination..

What music label are you under now?

Jackie; I Am not under any label currently. I do have 6 offers but am still fine flying solo. Perhaps I’ll work in charge  and under my own label.

You are based in Nairobi, how has it been easy for you to adjust to new environment?

Jackie; It hasn’t been easy. I originally had no intention of trying it here but Covid got me bored and Iw missed music like hell!! So I said why not let me try it in Nairobi and see how this goes! On top of that. I like a good challenge!

New market and start was a huge, big and difficult challenge but I wanted to do this. I set myself up. 

How easy is it to penetrate into Kenyan audience?

Jackie; It was beyond difficult. Remember Kenyans love their people, they are very patriotic. However, they loved gold digger songs so I took advantage of that. Then I hooked up with their talented Kenyan singer Mr. Lover man and Arrowbwoy!

Ugandan fans still want you to hear you sing in Luganda, any new projects in Luganda or it is purely Swahili?

Jackie; Of course something in Luganda is coming up  but not full Luganda! It will have Luganda, Lugbara, Swahili and English..I love languages so much.

How do you compare Kenyan music competition to Uganda?

Jackie; Ho! It’s harder here! People literally release music every 3 weeks.

In Uganda you release a song, it hits and peeps remember you for over 8 months!! Here, You need to keep fresh in people’s  minds.

Who is currently producing most of your songs?

Jackie; The famous Eazypro, Vickypondis, Ilogos music  and logos…

You are the king of stage performance, when you plan a mega concert?

Jackie; Sooner than you can expect! Actually, I am planning two big concerts.

And where would you wish to hold your first public concert after the music break you’ve been into.

Jackie; Back in Uganda at Serena then definitely Arua.

That Quarantine song, what’s the message behind that?

Jackie; I doubt you want to know the real message behind that! The  video says it all. All that can happen in quarantine and lockdown with your lover!

We can’t go away without asking about love, is it true you’re now engaged to a loaded Kenyan man?

Jackie; Ha-ha. I am a happy woman. That is it for now.

You once posted a ring on your Face book, what was the message behind the post?

Jackie; Even in sad times, good things can happen. That was the message.

In your recent interview you talked about how family dug a grave for you before death, who were these people?

Jackie; I didn’t say family. I said people I considered close.

Do you still talk to Lawyer Caleb Alaka despite the endless fights with his wife Namuli?

Jackie; Not often however after the break up we would chat once in a while though it took a while for us to start talking again.

Any regrets ever getting involved with Alaka?

Jackie; I try my best not to regret decisions I make. So meeting him or dating him isn’t something I regret.

What is the truth about your marriage with your Nol Vliet? Is it true he still sponsors your lifestyle financially?

Jackie; We divorced but we remained close and spoke. He supported me for a while. Now he doesn’t support me financially but he’s my friend and we do speak oftenly.

The last time you’re in Uganda, Balaam paraded you before Ug media for financial help, was it your initiative?

It was purely his  but i know Balaam whatever he does or did is because he cares about me.

Lastly, what is your message for your music, especially Ugandan based.

Jackie; Nothing is impossible. A fall can be your biggest resurrection and sometimes your fall will take you to greater heights. Our Gods an awesome God!!

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