Juliana Kanyomozi’s tips on how to fight cyber crime

Song bird Juliana Kanyomozi has some tips for you to tight against internet impersonation. The ‘Nabikowa’ singer has been a victim of cyber crime and has publically come out to help the general public especially public figures from becoming victims. She was reacting to latest one involving Jeff Kiwa, here are her tips;

Juliana Kanyomozi
Juliana Kanyomozi

“I have been a victim of Internet impersonation for a while. Unfortunately it’s a growing trend. But two of many things we can do. 1. Inform the police immediately you find out someone is impersonating you, especially if they are using your name to break the law. 2. Run an announcement as soon as you realise you are being impersonated. That way you disassociate yourself from the impersonators and also use the opportunity to warn your followers,” Juliana said.

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