Judith Laureya speaks out about her leaked nude pictures and modeling career

Judith Laureya is a runway model and a student at Makerere University Business School (MUBS) Nakawa.

She was born in Nsambya hospital on the 16th May 1994 to very respectable parents. Her dad is a very brilliant doctor while her mum is a business lady and politician too.

Judith an Itesot by tribe is her final year at campus doing Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

Recently her nude pictures leaked to the media, she spoke to Showbiz Uganda about the incident which devastated her life. Read on….

Judith Laureya was devastated by her leaked nude pictures

Judith Laureya was devastated by her leaked nude pictures

SU: Who is Judith Laureya?

Judith Laureya: Oh am a very jolly girl, kind, go getter, hard worker, committed, respectful, am so influential by the way and above all God fearing.

SU: When did you join modeling?

Judith Laureya: It’s not been really a while. I joined it in 2014.

SU: And what kind of model are you?

Judith Laureya: Am a runway and commercial model

SU: How do you find modeling?

Judith Laureya: It’s a very interesting thing to do especially if you have passion for it. It’s so fun!

SU: What you say about modeling industry in Uganda?

Judith Laureya: It’s getting bigger and better in Uganda. People are trying to be creative in all aspects thus design and styling.

Her dream is to become a self sustaining woman

Her dream is to become a self sustaining and inspiring woman

SU: Tell how do someone get you for business?

Judith Laureya: They can email me at judilaura12@mail.com

SU: Tell us about your love life?

Judith Laureya: Oh Am single n happy

SU: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Judith Laureya: I see myself as a very powerful young lady in all aspects of life of course with God above all and inspiring many young people. [adrotate banner=”3″]

SU: Who inspires you?

Judith Laureya: Oluchi so ambitious and committed as well as Sylvia owori.

SU: Recently your nude pictures leaked. How did you feel?

Judith Laureya: Eewwee…soo terrible of course any lady in my position would be so down.

SU: How did they leak?

Judith Laureya: All I can say is the story attached to me was false n composed. They were in a phone I lost 5 months ago.

SU: What made you take such pictures and were they meant for someone or just for you?

Judith Laureya: Just for me

Judith doing one of her poses

Judith doing one of her poses

SU: How did they affect you?

Judith Laureya: Emotionally I could say and was so terrified but I stood strong and prayed to God to help me overcome it.

SU: What is your message to the aspiring models?

Judith Laureya: They should have confidence, love themselves and be more passionate about it. It will take them places and also make God the centre of it all.

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