Judith Heard Takes Xmas Charity Drive To Rwanda

Socialite and Fashionista Judith Heard has continued her Christmas charity drive  under her JH Foundation.Judith Heard during charity tour in RwandaJudith Heard during charity tour in Rwanda

She visited Gisimba Orphanage Home in Kigali on Wednesday where she donated several items and engaged in various fun activities like soccer, bringing joy and excitement to the orphanage. “I think the most beautiful people are the ones who go through the toughest situations in life but still manage to keep a smile on their face especially when they have a bright personality to go along with the smile,” Judith Heard remarked about her visit to the orphanage.Judith Heard at Gisimba orphansJudith Heard at Gisimba orphans

She also encouraged and commended the good job done by the Gisimba orphanage caretakers after she was left impressed by level of cleanliness at the orphanage.

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