Judith Heard honoured by President Kagame  

Judith Heard honoured by President Kagame  

Collective Fashion Week Rwanda is an annual East African multi week fashion and modeling camp fraternity in Kigali Rwanda that ends with a runway finale.

This year’s edition, More than six designers took part showcasing different world creative fabrics.

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Judith Heard from Uganda was much honoured by President Paul Kagame and the First Lady for her standing philanthropy during her tenure as a top model in the region.

Judith too walked on the runway, showcasing the nit attire by South African fashion designer Laduma Ngxokolo.

Sonia Mugabo, Moshions,House of Tayo, Ladumu Ngxokolo of Momaxhos and Inzuki were among the designers.

She visited the genocide memorial grounds as part of the modeling camp session. Judith Heard lost her dad during the general and she never buried him.

Next month she is going to be in Dar-es-Salaam for Arusha Fashion Experience where she is expected to do a runway too.

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