Joseph Tumwebaze ‘madly in love’ with NTV Uganda’s Sheila Nduhukire

In what had turned out to be a joke has become a serious love proposal to upcoming news anchor Sheila Nduhukire of NTV Uganda. Joseph Tumwebaze who had secretly been admiring the political reporter and part time news anchor has today written a letter expressing his love for her publically. He posted it on his blog Below is the letter;

To the love of my life, the most beautiful lady I know… Dear Ms. Nduhukire (hopefully, Mrs. Jobaze in the near future).

I hope this finds you well.

Of late, I look forward to watching NTV Uganda, mostly because I want to see you again. You bring out the “Turning on your world” slogan that is used by the station. Gone are the days when news were boring, with other ‘not lovely’ people on our screens. As of now, my concentration levels are maximum when you walk into the studio. Just the other day, I even had to cancel my toilet break because I couldn’t afford to miss a minute of your presence! Just after the news, I received a call from a friend who wanted to find out if I had watched the news, to which I definitely said yes. When he asked about a certain news item which he thought I’d be interested in, I realized I didn’t even remember any single news item. My concentration was solely on you and the news appeared to be a distraction instead!!!

Sheila Nduhukire

Sheila Nduhukire

I even had to buy a new big screen recently, because I believed you weren’t worth being watched from the ka little bogus screen I had! It may have cost me a few months salaries (which I will pay in future) but I still believe it was worth it! I would do it all over again, if only it means seeing you, using worthwhile means! [adrotate banner=”3″] It is in reference to the above that I write to you to proclaim my love for you. You are everything that I would want and need.

If only I could have your hand in marriage, I promise that you would never regret. We would grow old together, side by side, and I would cherish every second with you. We would have babies (very beautiful ones indeed), probably with grey hair like mine, and they would grow up to be like their mother.

I would watch you sleep everyday and give you the world. I would never cheat on you and would love (only) you wholeheartedly. I would proudly tell the whole world that you are my wife and would put my life on the line for yours. I only feel sorry for the man who would make a move on you because if I got to know, he would breathe his last a few seconds thereafter. If only you could allow…

Joseph said he bought a giant screen to see Sheila Nduhukire clearly

Joseph said he bought a giant screen to see Sheila Nduhukire clearly

For the record, I am currently very single and looking forward to your reply. Your space in my life is permanently there and can’t be filled by anyone else. Everyday, I rehearse the words I will tell you when proposing! It’ll be like a movie scene when I get the chance!

A mixture of languages (I even had to learn some kiswahili because I was told you stayed in Nairobi for some time), combination of moves from different romantic movies, lovely?? flowers awaiting their chance and I, on standby! I can’t even walk with a girl on the street, be it my sister, for fear that someone may lie to you that I am in a relationship (You can never trust people and these tabloids) !

Joseph Tumwebaze admires Sheila Nduhukire

Joseph Tumwebaze admires Sheila Nduhukire

PS: I already bought the ring  to propose with. I am just waiting to chance upon meeting you, be it on Kampala Road, and I get down on my knees and say the magic words.

Yours madly and head over heels in love, Joseph *sings to Radio & Weasel song* Bwogeza nondekawo, ngenda kwekola ekyintu!!!

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