Jose Chameleone’s USD12k shoes make headlines

Singing Doctor Jose Chameleone has reportedly bought a pair of shoes at 12,000USD (Approx Shs41m). The news made headline on BBC Swahili. The ‘Bayuda’ singer said he was rewarding his feet for surviving an accident 8 years ago.

Jose Chameleone showing off his shoes

Jose Chameleone showing off his shoes

“I now certify that a lot of people. In our society have a very short Memory and further pay attention to things that don’t matter most to themselves!!! I Almost lost my life 8years Ago in an accident that almost left me feet less!!!! And when I chose to reward my feet for standing me this tall above the envy and hate some people show case they still want me to live their lives and disregard my own. That’s why we lead and the flock follows. It’s just shoes, Just shoes. For those advising me about financial discipline, give me a chance to advise you to. I can’t compromise my desires. IF YOU DO you will regret. We live once. And what the fuss CHINA got an option for you in different Grades 1,2,3,10 your choice,” Jose Chameleone posted.

The singer's 12k dollar shoes story was featured on BBC Swahili

The singer’s 12k dollar shoes story was featured on BBC Swahili

Meanwhile socialite and Touch FM presenter Judith Heard has lashed at haters who are hitting out at the singer that he lied about the price of shoes. While posting on her wall, she said instead of being proud of our own we are bashing. She pledged her support to the singer. “Instead of being proud of our own we actually try as much as we can to diss them but someone somewhere is watching he’s actually making big news Dr.Jose Chamillion Tubonga Nawe,” Judith posted.

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