Jose Chameleone releases ‘Mateeka’ song

Jose Chameleone releases ‘Mateeka’ song

Legendary singer Jose Chameleone has continued to bombard his fans with hit after hit in the New Year. Latest on our desk has it that the ‘Bayud’ singer has released a third song since the year began after ‘Champion’ and ‘Kilabe’. The song titled ‘Mateeka’ was released this week.

The song was produced at Power Records by Ronnie and Rinex. It has already received massive support from entertainment places and FM stations.

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“Thanks my fans for the continuous support. I feel very blessed to be loved and embraced by different walks of lives from all communities.  The power of music can’t be compared as it’s a global language. Another one as we start our musical year 2018 “MATEEKA”. Thanks Power Records and Producer Ronnie and Rinex Combined. Enjoy the power of good music. As we Load the ‘Champion’ and ‘Kilabe’ Videos.  Share this one with all your friends,” Chameleone posted.

Enjoy the song here

Meanwhile due to public demand Jose Chameleone is set to perform at The Royal Regency Hall in London on May 26th 2018.

“Action, Always louder than words!!!! Action is the fine witness of your ability. Words even a baby can say, DUE TO PUBLIC DEMAND. With the love and support, Great Britain, United Kingdom here we come. Not to shoot Videos, No!!! Not to pose on the London Bridge- No!!!!!! Some people are beautiful without makeup!!! A bad song with a good video is like Ugali and porridge to satisfy you. I am real with nutritious Music. Less is enough – copy. To play you the Hits of all times!!! It’s me Again. Naye banange, Share and let your buddy know the Workaholic is coming soon. #Legend #Champion Video Loading,” Chameleone posted.

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