Jinja gets a taste of Coco

Jinja gets a taste of Coco

Public holidays are a welcome relief and an excuse to party for many Ugandans, and this past weekend wasn’t any different.

Jinja was for obvious reasons the preferred destination given the long entertainment weekend that had been scheduled in the area. The Nyege Nyege Festival was in the zone and thousands of partiers thronged the River Nile district.

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Uganda Waragi Coconut took advantage and set the stage for an exciting holiday with a mega party at Laftaz Lounge in Jinja on Friday September 1, 2017. It turned out to be the perfect start to a long, fun filled weekend.

The earlier downpour didn’t dampen the spirits of the partiers as most had already taken vantage positions at the venue by 8pm. From then on, it was time to get ‘Loco for Coco’ as ushers clad in Caribbean style outfits ferried bottles of the drink to eager consumers.

DJ Simples

With a bottle of UG Coco coming with freebies like t-shirts, it was only a matter of time before the entire Lounge was arrayed in white. Owing to the chilly weather, many could be excused to opting to get a second t-shirt.

Hosted by DJ Simplez, the ‘Loco Party’ was the real deal. As he took to the decks, the audience that was already hyped up by the discounted Uganda Waragi Coconut took turns trying to out dance each other.

An expertly blended mix of Caribbean, Rhythm and Blues, Hip Hop and Ugandan classics got DJ Simples a very enthusiastic audience. They just couldn’t wait for the next track. For a moment it appeared as though the open area just outside the main Laftaz Lounge had become smaller.

Rhona Namanya, the Lead Innovations Manager at Uganda Breweries Limited says that Uganda Waragi Coconut is a brand that seeks to give Ugandans an experience just like its smooth, sweet taste.

She adds that Uganda Waragi Coconut will be engaging with its consumers across the country in similar, exciting ways. That can therefore only mean one thing; the party is just getting started.

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