Jacob Oulanyah meets Salim Saleh, praises work at Namunkekera Industrial Park

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hon. Jacob Oulanyah has praised industrial activities  at Namunkekera Industrial Park in Kapeka. 
The deputy speaker was excited by the Industrial developments at the park and praised Gen Salim Saleh for leading an Industrial revolution in the area.
Hon. Oulanyah described his meeting with Gen. Saleh as successful and called on farmers to produce the needed raw materials.
Gen. Salim Saleh after meeting Deputy Speaker Hon. Jacob Oulanyah
“Had a very fruitful meeting with Gen.Saleh.
I also paid a visit to Namunkekera Industrial Park and it’s refreshing to see the manufacture of products such as concrete, electrical appliances, shoes agricultural and food items  among others.
I learnt that the sesame oil making factory lacks enough Sesame;  this is quite shocking to me as Northern Region alone can ably supply the factory.
Government’s focused intervention in Buy Uganda Build Uganda can only be realized if we provide enough raw materials for such industries.
We need to establish the cause for shortage and find the link to enable farmers have maximum production of simsim,” Hon. Jacob Oulanyah said after the meeting.

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