Jacklet Atuhaire praised for her excellent work as Woman MP

Sheema District Woman MP Hon Jacklet Atuhaire Rwabukurukuru has been praised as one of the few members of parliament who visit their constituents regularly to check on development programmes.

According to a number of her constituents we talked to, they applauded the work being done by their woman MP who spares time and follows up the programme she starts.


Jacklet is one of the few members of Parliament who are always on the ground to check both government and private sector development programmes in the area.

“If you want your projects to succeed, you must supervise them closely. I always follow closely what I start till the end and this makes smooth running of the programme,” Jacklet said.

“Thank you all. The whole of Sheema district and her people indeed deserve the best. Besides, all these infrastructural developments, in order to be a success, need to be worked upon at a time,” Jacklet Atuhaire posted.

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