Jackie, Cindy, & Lilian Mbabazi making new music together ahead of the Legends of Sound Blu 3 Reunion Concert

Jackie, Cindy, & Lilian Mbabazi making new music together ahead of the Legends of Sound Blu 3 Reunion Concert

Kampala: The legendary iconic girl group BLU3 comprising Jackie Chandiru, Lilian Mbabazi, and Cindy Sanyu are cementing their reunion and comeback by hitting the studio and making new music together, a move that has stirred nostalgia among devoted fans.

This announcement comes as the trio prepares for the Legends of Sound Blu 3 reunion concert slated for the 22nd of June 2024 at Kampala Sheraton Gardens.

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The award-winning group which rose to prominence in the early 2000s, sold out concerts, and won numerous awards thereby establishing themselves as the Most Influential Girl group in Africa, disbanded in 2008 and went ahead to pursue solo projects.

Their chart-topping hits like “Hitaji” “Burrn” “Sanyu Lyange” and “Kankyakyankye” among others created an unforgettable mark on the Ugandan music industry and saw them rise on the East African music scene as the most influential and successful African girl group of all time.

Cindy Sanyu speaking on behalf of the trio stated “We need to bring our old shade of blue 3, not leave it…don’t dump Blu 3. Get that and merge it. Recently, we got into the studio with Artin, and we understood the sound we were fighting for. We don’t want Blue 3 to be dumped in this new music. We have brought our shades of Blu 3 and it merged to bring that sound to life…”

Lilian Mbabazi echoed Cindy’s sentiments too. “We are working together as a team. We show up. This journey is something I am excited about. It is going to be fabulous…”

Tickets for the Legends Of Sound Blu 3 reunion concert are available for purchase through www.tagticketing.com and selected outlets. For a more exclusive experience, a diamond table goes for 10m, platinum 5 million, and gold 3m. Silver early bird tickets go for 75k early bird, 100k after, bronze early bird 30k, and 50k after.

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