Jack Pemba warns White Brian ‘stop using my name to gain fame’

Jack Pemba warns White Brian ‘stop using my name to gain fame’

City loaded businessman and socialite Jackson Akim Pemba aka Jack Pemba has warned new showy socialite White Brian to find other means of gaining fame rather using his name. The tycoon was reacting comments by White Brian that he is far richer than Jack Pemba.

Jack Pemba hosted Congolese musician recently for his birthday party. This alone shows his class

When we contacted Pemba about the new boy splashing cash around, he had this to say, “I don’t know the guy, i have never met him and i am a different class. He looks like he wants to be known through my name. If he has over Shs 3 billion, he will be known like by helping Uganda sports, Poor people, Church and mosque people. I am told he is swearing at me everywhere. Leave the cheap skate alone.  I am not from Kikuubo.  I can’t enter into an argument, I can’t put myself to his level,” Jack Pemba said.

Unlimited Internet - Uganda

Jack Pemba with John Barnes, Les Ferdinand, Warren Barton and England ex youth coach Stewart John Hall. This was in 2007 when they flew to Tanzania to play for my testimonial football match in Tanzania for charity

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