Ivan Threatens To ‘Kill’ Zari

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Socialite Zari Hassan has revealed that her life is in danger after admitting her on and off husband, Ivan Semwanga is threatening to kill her.Her Life Is In Danger: Zari HassanHer Life Is In Danger: Zari Hassan

The socialite the threatening news on her Facebook page, “Ivan has said is going to gun me down if I don’t go back to him, did he has a life before me”.

The couple’s relationship despite producing three boys has not been at par with accusations of cheating. Their affair of recent has been on/off/on/off with fights between the couple. Zari has told off Ivan to get over her and move on. Zari and Ivan during their golden daysZari and Ivan during their golden days

Below is what she posted on her Facebook wall.

 ZarinahTlale: Lol so Ivan decides to gun me down if I don’t get back with him. Ironic!!!!! Didn’t u have a life before me?

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