It’s Not Yet Over For The Struggling City Tycoon Mr. Mukesh Shukra

It’s Not Yet Over For The Struggling City Tycoon Mr. Mukesh Shukra

Having successfully set up various businesses; warehouses, milk processing plant, commercial buildings, money lending, foreign exchange, hotels, aluminum processing plant under SHUMUK Group, Mr.Mukesh Shukra was reported in 2012 as one of wealthiest individuals In Uganda.

However according to inside sources,the 20th century tycoon is swimming in deep waters and most of his income generating businesses are on a standstill and are at the verge of collapse due to loans,conspiracy and false pretense.

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The most recent case involved a 221.8 million with a Pakistan national on conspiracy charges.He was jointly charged with his company employees ;Judith Ayebare (Manager) and Kadikar Dramdip Anilkumar (Accountant) on the alleged fraud of 105 million and 116 million from Alvi Auto village Limited on false pretense.

It should be remembered that Mr.Mukesh Shukra lost the Nakawa west parliamentary seat to NUP’s Joel Ssenyonyi. Mr.Mukesh challenged Joel Ssenyonyi’s victory and petitioned in court and eventually lost the case.
Having lost the petition in high court,he appealed the judgement but unfortunately the court of appeal presided by justices;Steven Musota and Christopher Gashirabaka ordered him to compensate the two respondents (EC and Ssenyonyi) court costs.

For over 7 years now, the 61 year old tycoon has been grappling with various court cases ,whereas he is presumed to be innocent on these particular charges;his image is already tainted before courts of law. He was convicted on six counts of uttering a false document in form of a letter for the official handover of hotel Diplomat supposing the same has been signed by the late Bonny Katatumba the former consular of Uganda to Pakistani.

The offenses of obtaining money by false pretense attract a maximum sentence of five years imprisonment while conspiracy to defraud elicits a three year jail term.

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