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Meet Jaguar The Richest Musician In East Africa

Many in entertainment circles have come up to claim that Kenyan singer Charles Njagua Kanyi known by his stage name Jaguar is the richest musician in East Africa and surely he is.Jaguar holding his award at the MCSK eventJaguar (R)holding his awardS at the MCSK event

This claim looks to be true and Showbiz Uganda has dug dip down to Kenya and brings you what the singer owns and no other East Africa artist has such things. Jaguar shares good friendship president Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto.Jaguar with one of his best friends President Uhuru KenyattaJaguar with one of his best friends President Uhuru Kenyatta

What does Jaguar Own?Jaguar's mansion and a few of his expensive carsJaguar’s mansion and a few of his expensive carsJaguar also owns a chopperJaguar also owns a PlaneOne of Jaguar's expensive ridesOne of Jaguar’s expensive rides

The singer recently purchased a Jaguar car worth Ksh16m and owns more than 200 Jag Cabs. The singer runs a security company as well as car showroom. On top of that, he has an automobile workshop.

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On cars, he drives owns Jaguar, Range Rover Sport, Lexus, Mercedes Benz. He also owns big mansion worth Ksh80m and bags close to a million shillings on his performance charges within Kenya only.

He also has Real Estates business . With all these no other East African artist can beat him in riches at the moment. His total wealth is worth at $30m and many predict that it could double in the next few years

Facts About HimJaguar with AY of TanzaniaJaguar (R) with AY of Tanzania

He is a youth mentor, does not drink alcohol, very smart and likes exchanging ideas with all people of different kinds.

Last week, he flew his team for music promotions to Tanzania where he toured all the media and areas of Dar es Salaam.

Jaguar has released the music video for his latest track dubbed ‘Kioo’. The video talks about reformation and the time one takes to reflect on themselves in order to effect change.

Rumour has it that Jaguar may land a state house job soon regarding his good network with the youth, talks are underway and that may double his riches.

Who is Jaguar?Jaguar and the deputy president of Kenya William Ruto. The two are close friends Jaguar and the deputy president of Kenya William Ruto. The two are close friends

Jaguar real name Charles Njagua Kanyi is a Kenyan musician well known for his philanthropic character and his most viewed Kenyan clip Kigeugeu. He has performed in Nairobi and Minnesota and won several music awards.

The songs by Jaguar include: Fanya Mambo, Furaha, Jina Langu, Kigeugeu, Nikuskize, Nimetoka Mbali, Nimevuma, Tayari, Unaniwasha. Some of them inclined towards the reggae genre. Kigeugeu has won the most awards.Jaguar holding dollars on the onset of his new song Kioo VideoJaguar holding dollars on the onset of his new song Kioo Video

1. 2011 Pearl of Africa Music Awards: Best Male Artiste (Kenya)
2. 9th Kisima Music Awards (2011): the Hit song Kigeugeu won Jaguar the Best Boomba Artiste award
3. 2011 (EAMAS) Jaguar (Kenya) and Dr Claude (Rwanda) shared the best male artist accolades in East African music awards- Urban contemporary category.
4.Won Kilimanjaro Music awards 2012

5. He won the award in Pearl of Africa music Awards 2012Jaguar performing at Kenya's 50th Independence celebrations last yearJaguar performing at Kenya’s 50th Independence celebrations last year



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