‘Investigate pastors using God’s name to promote Donald Trump leadership’- Charles Lambert

‘Investigate pastors using God’s name to promote Donald Trump leadership’- Charles Lambert

The leader of Africa’s first Economic War Charles N. Lambert has called for investigations of evangelicals and pastors who are promoting leadership of USA President Donald Trump.

Posting on his social media, the Black Wall Street (BWS) boss said the conspiracies involving use of God’s name and promotion of Donald Trump must be investigated by US authorities.

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Below is his full statement on the matter;

“There must be an investigation into the conspiracy that involved the Use of God’s name and the promotion of Donald Trump by evangelicals now it is obvious all the prohesies made have finally all Failed.

There must also be an investigation alongside into the connection between these Capitalists evangelicals owning private jets and seen as scum by most responsible Americans Yet they are partners to the Bishops and great men of God we have in Africa. What is this partnership?

They have ONE thing in common. They don’t preach “contentment”. They preach “highest aspirations” which is the spiritual message the Capitalists gave to religious leaders.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA is known as the Buckle of the Bible Belt. It is where every major evangelical traces their roots.

I went there and saw darkness. The so called evangelicals are the sons and grandsons of those who burnt down the Black Wall Street 99 years ago.

Vengeance is mine says the Lord Jesus Christ. Africa First,” Charles Lambert posted.

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