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Interview: Chasing her modeling dream all the way!!!

Galaxy FM’s Rin Rita talks about her love for modeling

Rin Rita is an entertainment journalist at Galaxy FM. she is as well an aspiring bikini model call it commercial modeling whose aim is to assure slim and short girls to go for modeling if it’s their dream. “You can still make it Whether slim or short,” She told www.showbizuganda.com

Showbiz Uganda: Tell us who is Rin Rita?
Rita: Rin Rita is a simple cool girl, i love eating, my brothers and anything that can make me smile.

Showbiz Uganda: What transpired you to become a model?
Rita: I have always wanted to be a commercial model but I think I never had enough courage and confidence until I met friends who kept pushing me into it and I decided to start and well it suits my style.

Showbiz Uganda: What do you like and hate in life?
Rita: I like simple life and not forcing things and I hate judgmental people.

Showbiz Uganda: As a commercial model, have you signed any endorsements?
Rita: I just started months ago through an app called Model Management and I have been invited for like 4 Photoshoots which will be after quarantine. And i have also gotten a deal with Ug swimsuits (online store) so I am sure I will do my best.

Showbiz Uganda: You work with Galaxy FM as well, how do you find life there?
Rita: Ooh yes Life at Galaxy FM is fun, it’s actually the best work place someone can ever have..nice environment plus all the workmates are free people and easy to work with.

Showbiz Uganda: Do you have any regrets in life?
Rita: I have no regrets, am sure everything happens for a reason.

Showbiz Uganda: Tell us about your love life?
Rita: Am not dating and not in any hurry for relationships.

Showbiz Uganda: What is your last message to all those aspiring to be like you in modeling?
Rita: Just be confident and go for it .. Whether short or tall, slim or thick, believe in yourself you can do it..People will judge you but ignore ..Be You.

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