Interview: CBL CEO talks about the new Nivana Water brand

Interview: CBL CEO talks about the new Nivana Water brand

CBL CEO Paddy Muramiirah has given an exclusive interview regarding the new Nivana Water Brand. Below is his full interview;

The move to add the jumbo size 20liter bottle to the Nivana water brand, why now?

It is the right time. We want to consolidate our position in Liquid Refreshment Beverage after a long time concentrating on CSD. We have for a while now produced the single serve Nivana water and we are seeking to service more customers with Jumbo. Households, offices, hospitals, schools and all other service stations we could not easily reach with the single serve bottle.

Most companies have concentrated on Kampala with their Jumbo Offerings will that be the same with CBL?

Certainly note, we have distribution centers all over the country and our Jumbos will cover the entire country and become a household name. Distribution has already commenced to our depots countrywide. The need for clean safe water is countrywide, so are our distribution channels.

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The Nivana packaged water brand has been off the shelves for quite some time, should we consider this the return of this brand?

This is a new package playing a different role. The single serve bottle is back on the shelves with a new price tag but the Jumbo is a brand new addition, packaged to serve more customers, longer.

What investments has CBL made to ensure they meet the demand for Jumbo and become serious players in the Water Segment?

We have invested in a complete new independent line with sufficient capacity for the next 10 years. This, we have been able to do at our new production plant in Kakungulu, Entebbe road. It is a mega investment that guarantees a boost in our production capacity across the product list.

There have been very few innovations in the Jumbo segment, should we expect some from CBL in the near future?

You are spot on. 10litre, 5 litre is on the way

Any Final Remarks

I invite you to be a partner in the consumption of good quality water.

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